It seems that opinions are divided over a recent Toronto casino careers fair, with the company behind the fair – MGM Toronto – giving a very positive view of the event, whilst those who actually attended did not seem to think very much of it at all. The “career showcase” was for a proposed gaming resort in the city, and according to local media reports it did not draw a lot of local enthusiasm, despite the brave face that MGM are putting on it.

Of course, the aim behind it all was to convince the local officials that casino video poker, slot machines, and table games are desperately needed in the city, and in that at least they may have succeeded. After all, one may be able to put the lack of enthusiasm from locals down to the fact that even if a casino resort was approved to go ahead, it would still be five years before a gaming complex opened up on the waterfront, and so the jobs which are being proposed here are still a long way from being a reality.

In the eyes of MGM, the event was a huge success, with more than seven hundred people coming in through the doors. The first three hundred and fifty who showed up were given free passes to the nearby National Home Show (though it is unclear whether this was their motivation behind going to the Career Showcase in the first place or just something that was a nice bonus for them). The company called it “an exclusive opportunity to learn about the potential future career opportunities should Toronto decide to bring an Integrated Resort to the city”; those who attended were given a bit of chitchat about the casino and what it would bring to the area, as well as a brochure that told about the thousands of openings which would then be open, paying an average of $60,000 a year. The problem is that no one can wait five years even for a job that is certain, much less for a job that may not even be created at all.