Gin Rummy and 8 Ball Pool have become the new games that are the most popular for online gaming. Gin Rummy is from the original game of Rummy and is offered on different gaming sites.
Gin Rummy has been described as so well loved because it involves skill and skill games have become the new fad among online games. 8 Ball Pool is a pool game that has interested many players, especially from the UK. This game also involves skill and is said to be part of the skills fad.
GameAccount has announced an increase in revenue since introducing these skill games to their site and they claim that this skill game popularity is quite high. The Montreal Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo (GIGSE) is said to be featuring a seminar about skills game and what they can do for the revenue of online casinos.

In Montreal, online casinos players have come to see what is new in the online casino world and one can bet that skill games will be quite popular. GameAccount has offered the popular skill games of Gin Rummy and 8 Ball Pool in tournament style which is even more unique to online gaming.

GameAccount has also announced that the popularity of these skill games can be attributed to the new market of online players who want to play against peers i.e., real players and not the computer.
The skill games are a way for online players to compete against other people and GameAccount has claimed that “MoneyPlay” which is a promotion for Gin Rummy has brought in about $2,000,000 in wagers in its very short lifespan.

As “MoneyPlay” will continue and gaming companies will begin to incorporate the fad of skill games, one can expect huge market to develop in the near future for skill games, especially Gin Rummy and 8-Ball Pool. It seems that the market is turning away from the obvious choices such as casino online blackjack in order to go in search of other games which will capture the interest of the general playing public more.