The Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam, Vancouver, is not going to be called that for much longer, as the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation have decided to rebrand and take their venue in a new, fresh direction. In order to appeal to a younger crowd and bring in more casual players, they are going to reopen the casino as a Hard Rock Casino in the winter, with plans for renovation that include the usual rock star memorabilia over the walls, hip entertainers who are very much of the moment, and farm fresh food from a radius of fifty kilometres to support local farms.

The property already includes an eighty thousand square foot casino floor and a twelve thousand foot space called the Red Robinson Theatre, so there is plenty of room for renovation. The aim is to retain the current forty five to fifty plus demographic whilst also pulling in a younger clientele; while they are not likely to make it quite as appealing to the younger crowd as casino slots online, they are certainly determined to ensure that there is something to enjoy here.

“If you’re thinking of going to downtown Vancouver, maybe there’s something we’ve got that can wow you here,” Howard Blank, Great Canadian vice-president of communications said. “It’s going to be a place where your parents can come and you can come. It used to be mostly for Dad. Casinos normally attract 45 to 50-plus. We saw Hard Rock Casino break that mould. If you were planning to go to a Commodore show downtown, we’re hoping to have an artist here as well. We’re another option for you to think of for your entertainment dollar.”

New rules will see body piercings being allowed amongst the staff, as well as removing the uniform restrictions of bow ties and tuxedos. “Staff are going to be able to high-five the guests,” Blank added. “The young people are going to go ‘Wow, we really should go there,’ Older folks will go ‘Hard Rock. We know that.’… Boulevard has been very stagnant. It’s needed a change and a facelift for many years. The construction on the highway has caused us great pain for many years.”