Full Tilt Poker is a damn fine online poker site. And with their new software upgrade, it just got even better. It has two new lobby views. New players can locate games quickly and easily with the interactive six-step Basic View, which basically guides them every step of the way. More experienced players can locate preferred games faster using Favorites and Advanced Filters in Standard View – designed to reduce search time and provide direct access. It also offers new Lobby Widgets that improve player visibility on important statistics and promotions. All in all, a very welcome upgrade.

The software download is quick and seamless and you will be up and running before you can say Phil Ivey. Download either the Windows or Mac version. We chose to test the Mac version and couldn’t find any flaws when it was compared to the full Windows platform, which is definitely an exception rather than the rule. There is also a great casino online bonus for Canadian players to enjoy.

Tilt has also added an exceptionally useful feature. The Login with PIN feature adds an extra layer of security to your account. Full Tilt Poker issues players using Login with PIN a “Three-Card” PIN to use with their password to log in to their account. To make this PIN easier to remember, players are issued a playing card to represent each number of their PIN. More account security is always appreciated.

We also love the Full Tilt Poker’s new FTP Hand Replayer that allows you to play back any hand during a session exactly as it happened. Review your actions and improve your poker game by analyzing each play and evaluating your strategy at your own pace.

Tournament players will also appreciate Full Tilt Poker’s new Synchronized Breaks giving you the chance to “take 5” out of every hour of tournament play. Synchronized Breaks take place at 55 minutes past every hour. No more bloated bladder issues.

Full Tilt features micro-stakes ring-game tables that allow you to play for real money at No-Limit or Pot-Limit ring-game tables for stakes as little as $.01/$.02 or $.02/$.05. Limit tables’ micro-stakes are $.05/$.10 or $.10/$.20.