In the game of casino video poker, a player needs to make use of his poker skills. The game of video poker is basically a version of five card poker where the main aim of the game is to create the best five card poker hand. You don’t play against other players, just against the casino.

How To Play Video Poker
After a player has chosen a specific video poker game, his next move is to make a bet at the particular game. It is highly advisable to go through the rules and tips of the game in advance before beginning to play. It is also recommended to thoroughly go through the payout table for the selected video poker game before you decide on how much to bet. It is also advisable to bear in mind that the maximum amount of coins provides better and bigger rewards, upon achieving a win.

Once a bet has been made, the player has to press the ‘deal’ button and will then be given 5 cards. The video poker player now has to polish up his poker skills and make a quick decision regarding which cards to hold and which ones to discard. On an additional click of the ‘deal’ button the player will be dealt cards to replace those that were discarded. Any winnings will then be automatically sent to the player’s account.

Video Poker Hands
The best video poker hands are as follows:
• royal flush
• straight flush
• four of a kind
• full house
• flush
• straight
• three of a kind
• two pair
• one pair

Different Types of Video Poker
Jacks or Better: This variation of casino video poker is one of the most common and also happens to be one of the easiest to learn for newcomers. In this game, a player needs to receive at least a pair of jacks in order to make up a winning combination.

Deuces Wild: In this variant of casino video poker, the two’s or the deuces act as the wild cards. Here, a player has to get at least a three of a kind in order to get a winning combination of cards.

Jokers Wild: This kind of casino video poker variation presents jokers as the wild cards. In this game, a player has to receive at least two pairs in order to receive a winning combination.

Aces and Faces: This is another casino video poker version that is in many ways similar to the game of jacks or better. However, in this game, a person whose hand has four aces is considered to be higher to a straight flush and also a hand containing four kings, queens or jacks is favored over a lower score of four of a kind.

Video Poker Tips
• As the other casino games, it is suggested that you read the instructions, terms and conditions before you decide on placing money in the video poker game.
• Players may make use of the free video poker games to get used to the particular game before wagering for real money.

Before you begin to wager, check out the payout tables as they vary from each video poker game. Do not be in a hurry to get a start on the game, take your time to think of the right decisions and moves you would like to make in a game.