Those who live in Canada and have never experienced gambling elsewhere may be surprised to learn that in many ways Canada is the gambler’s paradise, especially when compared to places like the United States. Where land based casinos are concerned you can find plenty, and there are more in the works; and online gambling is a real world apart from the neighbouring states of the US here.

If you are a Canadian and you want to play casino slots online, then you have a great many options to you. British Colombia, Manitoba, and Quebec all have their own provincially regulated sites which have been set up by the local government, and which offer casino games for the residents through their own portal. Ontario is the latest province which is attempting to get into the game, with the OLG working on establishing another online presence for the locals here.

Then there is the fact that the gambling market in Canada is huge in other sectors as well, with a $16 billion yearly industry which has really kicked off. One of the big reasons behind this is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which regulates casino sites in the country and allows many a asino operator to base their servers on the tribal reservation. This is a great way for them to get around the fact that online casino sites are not allowed unless they are run by the provinces or on a Native reserve: they may well be in Canada, but this way they are also still inside the law. Though there was some thought that the federal government might challenge their right to license online casinos when this all began, the time for that has long passed, and it is clear that they are not interested in getting into a fight with the First Nations.

Sports gambling is also a large area of the industry here, with both NHL and CFL games being big on advertisements for betting sites. This is a huge contrast to the US, and it means that Canadian gamblers have a lot more choices for gambling on the internet – as well as more protection under the law.